Doc Martin Series 4

Some residents in Port Isaac are calling for filming to be banned from the village because an influx of tourist visitors is causing traffic chaos in the narrow streets.

“We have had the golden egg from the filming and we have had enough visitors now,” said one resident, Ted Charles. “Surely they have enough footage of Port Isaac on file so they don’t need to come back?”

The village is used as a location for the fictional town of ‘Portwenn’ in the ITV series, which stars Martin Clunes as a grumpy GP.

On Monday night more than 30 residents filled the village school hall to protest to St Endellion parish council about the parking problems.

They said tourists have been dumping their vehicles by a children’s play area, and are concerned a child could be killed.

Debbie Pattenden, a mother, said: “We need to take this seriously before we lose one of our children. It is extremely dangerous, especially when they want to go to the park.”

Mr Charles added: “We have heard that next year they will be filming from May to August. That would be a complete disaster and the parking problem will only escalate.

“Friends who have enjoyed coming to the village for years have not been able to stay in holiday cottages because they have been rented to the crew.”

A B & B owner, Marion Andrews, said the village had become too busy for regular customers who wanted peace and quiet.

In response the parish council said it was writing to the county highways department to request yellow lines to try and ease the parking problem.

David Phelps, chairman of St Endellion Parish Council said parking had been a problem for years but was being exacerbated by Doc Martin fans.

Port Isaac has previously been used for films and other television shows including the 1970s series ‘Poldark’.

In recent years, the village has become home, for part of the year, to a number of celebrities, including the designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, the actress Julie Peasgood and the presenter Lorne Spicer.

Nearly 40 per cent of properties in the village are now second homes and the cost of the average home has been pushed to £280,000.

A spokesman for ITV said she was unable to comment on the complaints as a series of Doc Martin had not been filmed this year.

She said: “We have not been near Port Isaac since 2007 and have no plans to return until 2009.”

Doc Martin has attracted up to 10 million viewers in Britain and is a hit in more than a dozen countries including Australia, Belgium and Romania.

Local estate agents Estuary Estates said the show had raised the profile of the village and was seen as an added attraction.

A spokesman said: “They are making a fourth series of Doc Martin, so we always mention this in the particulars. It is a very sought after area.”

Speaking previously, Clunes said: “I love working on Doc Martin, being in Cornwall, and being able to work with my wife Philippa, who is the producer.

“At the end of the day’s filming we were able to go back to a beautiful house along the coast from Port Isaac, which has stunning sea views.

“And it means I was home before my daughter Emily had to go to bed, which doesn’t happen when I am filming in London.”

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N.Docking April 18, 2009 at 5:19 pm

please could you tell me when filming will take place for the forth series thankyou.

admin April 18, 2009 at 9:24 pm

It’s happening right now, it started about 3 weeks ago I believe.

Derek May 19, 2009 at 10:01 am

Are they filming Doc Martin at the present time?

Tony Messenger September 20, 2009 at 9:26 pm

I think this is pathetic, here you are all bleating about the extra visitors, but some of your local business’ would have folded and gone under should it not have been for the Doc Martin series. The owner of the ex post office admitted to me last week that business had picked up greatly with the location shooting. I have been a visitor, but if you no longer want visitors then we can all stay away and then you can have your village to yourself. It would resemble many a place in Devon that are now ghost towns. I can understand your comments about the parking and would agree that this needs to be addressed, but this is a price to pay as any location with such scenery has to endure. Just give it some thought before you decide to close the doors on paying punters……..

admin September 20, 2009 at 10:05 pm

No worries Tony, I made this site for Adam who owns the lovely cottage at Trelights and he is loving the attention that Port Isaac is getting. He is also loving the extra revenue that he is getting and rightly so!
I copied the comments from an article I read, to see what happened, to try and get a discussion going. A lovely cornish village wouldn’t be right without a load of whinging locals.
So keep coming to Port Isaac and enjoy it’s popularity and fortunate, vibrant years. Like any media phenomena, it won’t last forever.
Thanks for the comments.

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