Doc Martin Series 4 Episode 2

Despite the series getting a slight ‘diss’ in The Sunday Times last weekend, I thought this episode was excellent. Louisa got her job back at the school and found out more about Martin and Edith’s relationship: they were once engaged. Meanwhile it turns out the head of the school is suffering from Porphyria. So now I live in fear of my pee turning blue!

Wikipedia says: ”

Porphyrias are a group of inherited or acquired disorders of certain enzymes in the heme biosynthetic pathway (also called porphyrin pathway). They are broadly classified as acute (hepatic) porphyrias and cutaneous (erythropoietic) porphyrias, based on the site of the overproduction and accumulation of the porphyrins (or their chemical precursors). They manifest with either neurological complications or with skin problems (or occasionally both). An induced clinically and histologically identical condition is called pseudoporphyria. Pseudoporphyria is characterized by normal serum and urine porphyrin levels.

The term derives from the Greek ???????, porphyra, meaning “purple pigment”. The name is likely to have been a reference to the purple discolouration of feces and urine in patients during an attack

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